Creating Christmas Magic on Instagram

2020 is playing out a little differently than Christmas past. I miss being able to meander around shops looking for that perfect present. For now, I will have to make do with scrolling through my favourite brand’s Instagram feed for Christmas present inspiration. 

According to Deloitte, eCommerce sales are projected to grow by up to 35% this Christmas. Understandably customers are looking to reduce their exposure to COVID-19, and consequently are focussing on online shopping.


So how can small retailers leverage their Instagram and

re-create that in-store Christmas experience for their customers?


Here’s a few ideas for your Christmas content to make your follower feel like they are still part of that magical in-store experience.



  1. Create that Christmas atmosphere by having a theme to all of your Christmas content. This could be as simple as placing a border around your images or overlaying some text. Canva is a great tool for this.
  2. Think about a more continual theme or campaign to your Christmas posts. Perhaps a gift guide or advent calendar? This does require a bit more work, but it can pique your customer’s interest and inspire them to return to your profile. We created an advent calendar post for a campaign we worked on back in 2018. Find an example HERE
  3. If you are including video content on your Instagram feed think about adding some Christmas music to it. On most video apps you have the option to add copyright free music. They usually have a whole Christmas selection of songs to choose from!


christmas paper bags in brown and red


  1. Evoke the sense of browsing through rails and shelves by using carousel posts to show collections of similar items for the customer to sift through. Carousel posts also encourage engagement which will help you get on Instagram’s nice list as well!
  2. Help your customers to browse your store. Use video to record a walk around your store viewing the different shelves. Top Tip: Don’t go too fast or the followers won’t be able to see all of your treasures!
  3. Use the new Instagram Guides tool to create a gift guide from your instagram posts. Use guides strategically to appeal to different customers, for example create a guide for ‘Gifts for Children’ or ‘Gifts for Foodies’.



  1. Video your self talking through your favourite Christmas products and pointing out the advantages and details. Remember to sign off your video by reminding your followers how they can shop with you.
  2. Create an advice or ‘how-to’ post relating to the holiday season and your service. We love the recent John Lewis IGTV on how to style your Christmas table. This is a great way of showing your products on Instagram in a real setting and also sell without being salesy!
  3. You wouldn’t leave someone waiting or ignore them in your shop so don’t do it on your social media. Reply to any comments or questions you receive from customers promptly.



  1. If you are offering a gift wrapping service remember to talk about it in your posts. Let your followers know how they can add this to their order.
  2. Make the transaction as simple as possible, add shoppable links to your instagram posts so customers can click through to your products easily.
  3. Let your customers know how they can receive their goods for example if you are offering click and collect or local delivery.



Above all think of your online platforms as another branch of your store. Adding creativity into how you present and talk about your product online will help to foster an ongoing relationship between you and your customers. If they have a good experience with you they will be more likely to return and make repeat purchases.

If you feel overwhelmed as to where to begin the process of creating your content or setting up your Instagram shop please get in touch, we would love to help. Message us via Instagram or through our contact page HERE

The Top 3 places to work remotely in SE19… Part 3. The finale!

We have reached the third and final part of this blog series, which was conceived from a very unscientific poll carried out within the Crystal Palace Freelancers Facebook Group!

Coming in a very close third was Brown & Green…

An institution in these parts, they are a

Screenshot 2018-10-17 21.12.22
Brown & Green LIFE – Crystal Palace Park

local homegrown business, serving up amazing brunch, including badass bacon butties, all types of scrambled eggs, full brekkies, vegan & veggie options, freshly baked pastries, salads, homemade soups & sarnies, and some seriously delicious cakes. They also pump out some great music to power you through your day.

B&G currently have five cafe’s and a food van (called Pam) with number six cafe in the making, right in the heart of Crystal Palace Park.


Q1. Hi Laura and Jess, congratulations on being a firm favourite with the local freelancer community, tell us a little about you?

A1. We are Laura & Jess, originally from Brighton, we moved to Gipsy Hill in 2002 where we started our career in food, married our boys and have now got 5 cafes, 1 food van & 5 babies!

Q2. When did you first conceive the idea of Brown & Green and how long did it take you to get it off the ground?

A2. We were involved in BBC2’s The Restaurant, a reality show with Raymond Blanc, where couples had to set up a restaurant from scratch. Brown & Green was always what we called our hungover food ‘brown rice & green spinach’- good for you, wholesome food. We came 2nd in the TV show & from there knew we wanted to do it for real! Gipsy Hill station was our first cafe- just the 2 of us, 6 days a week 6am-2pm!

“Believe in yourself, be positive and don’t give up. Look after your staff and they will look after your business”.

Q3. What is a typical day for you in your business?

A3. It’s changed a lot since the early days, although we are still very much hands on. The days can vary but our weeks are always very hectic and we are always working! We do the rota, interview staff, have managers meetings, coffee training, trade shows, new suppliers meetings, site visits, organise staff parties, staff reviews & generally keep on top of everything- with the help of our amazing managers!

Screenshot 2018-10-17 21.11.13
Brown & Green – Mayow Park, Sydenham.

Q4. What was the best advice you were given when starting up?

A4. Get a bank loan and go for it!

Q5. What is your top tip for motivating yourself to keep focussed and grow the business?

A5. Believe in yourself, be positive and don’t give up. Look after your staff and they will look after your business.

You can find them here:





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