Hello, we’re Claire and Nicole co- founders of Social Style Pro.

Our passion is helping independent brands and entrepreneurs navigate the labyrinth that is social media and reach their target customers.


Claire Simpson

Nicole Cotton










Social Style Pro started back in the summer of 2018, when we decided to pool our social media skills and go forward as a duo. Our background is in fashion design and development for some of the biggest high street and luxury retail brands. We know the importance of understanding your customer, having a strong brand identity and staying ahead of the curve. We both retrained, qualifying as social media managers and have worked successfully with independent businesses for several years since.

Having grown up in a time when the internet, let alone social media didn’t exist, we completely understand what it’s like to feel daunted by the prospect of managing a business account.

Our approach is to build an authentic engaged community for your brand following our strategic, no nonsense plan. We don’t take short cuts to gain followers. We look at the bigger picture to create loyalty and trust around your business.

Through our social media services we can help your voice be heard in a noisy social environment. We also firmly believe in steering clear of technical social media and marketing jargon. Our approach is friendly, open and eager to problem solve.

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